Aleksandra Vagabonda is a self-taught artist from Poland. She started to actively do art in age of 21 when she resigned from studies and went for an unconventional travel to seek for herself. Although she was interested on the beginning with drawings and oil paintings, during the time she expanded her horizons to Batik, Woodcut, Woodcut print, Animation, Graffiti and finally Tattoos. Her learning and developing process as an artist and as a person was inspired and supported by artists form many countries. In 2019 Aleksandra Vagabonda had her first official exhibition named “Magic Trip” in Art Collective Sesama in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in cooperation with Indonesian and European artists. Her studies of Cultural Science in combination with travelling and spiritual development gave a magic tough to her art. Every art piece focuses on social or emotional problems that should not be suppressed but brought it to the daily light and start process of inner healing. The aim of her work and life is to find out, what, if anything, is still true in the socialised mind of a human.
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