The beginning - Vagabonda Life Loop Trance:
At the beginning there were just very simple compositions. Multilingual singing and archaic instruments, such as drums, flutes, singing bowls, various types of rattles, which I repeatedly recorded and played back on the Loop Station.

The compositions evolved each time I prepared a performance, as there are no predetermined notes or sequences in my music. Every time something new was discovered and added. I was endlessly curious to see what would happen. It was mostly about a feeling inside that said: something still needs to be done to show the feeling that wants to go outside.

Next Step - Dream Synth Pop Performance:

Meanwhile, I also perform with a drum machine and a synthesizer. The soundscape of different noises, new and old instruments creates a dream atmosphere that is also very easy to dance to ;)

This project examines the possibility for the connection between the ancient and the modern, the foreign and the self. The polyphonic vocals, noises and instruments are recorded live on the loop station, gradually creating an interesting, repeating composition, which is gradually dissolved again after some time to make room for another composition. The song is sung in different languages (Polish, English, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Minoan, Spanish, Greek), very often several languages in one sentence, which makes it impossible for most people to interpret or perceive as words. 
There are also intuitive rhythms, simple, syllabic singing and archaic instruments such as drums, flutes, singing bowls, Jew's harps, various types of rattles but also drum machine and synthesizer.

My music invites you to a type of meditation that is intended to support feelings, self-development, the ability to change and unify, and connection to yourself, the environment, nature and other people. 

Through the repetitive sounds and very simple singing, the music allows the mind to switch off and be influenced at the level of the unconscious. In my opinion, this type of performance can create a new interpersonal level where you don't have to worry about the content, but can directly perceive the music as an experience. Through this experiential process, a type of fusion or meditation is possible where one can feel connected to the other participants and the environment. In the long term, this can have a major impact on people's general perception, growth in respect, inner clarity and the ability to change.
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